New Acquisition: Guia de confessores (1653, Mexico)

The UW-Madison Libraries has recently acquired a 17th century imprint from New Spain, Gabino Carta’s Guia de confessores, practica de administrar los sacramentos, en especial el de la penitencia. This Jesuit guide for confessors is the first Mexican edition, printed in Mexico City by Paula Benavides, the widow of Bernardo Calderón. As a printer, Benavides was successful in her work, printing nearly 300 titles during 43 years of operation after inheriting the press from her late husband. This copy is particularly interesting because the marca de fuego (firebrand) from the Convento de San Cosme was made on the title page, the top edge of the book being too thin to accommodate the brand.

To view the Guia de confessores in the Department of Special Collections, place a request via the library catalog using your Archives and Special Collections Account.


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